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Top 10 Ways Border Collies Show Affection

Border Collies are famously known for their herding and obedience, but did you know that they are also one of the most affectionate dog breeds? 

Border collies are a very intelligent and energetic breed that express affection in several different ways. Border Collies are clever, intelligent, loyal, and show their owners affection in many different ways.

Let’s dive into Border Collie’s affection and how they display it to their humans.

Are Border Collies Affectionate? 

Yes, Border Collies are affectionate and love to show their love for their family members and humans. They often lick and nuzzle their family members as a sign of affection and appreciation.

To understand how Border Collies show affection to humans, we should start with human’s earliest canine companions. The domestication of dogs occurred over 14,000 years ago and over time they have developed a very close bond with humans. The way that dogs show affection can vary from licking, and giving kisses, to cuddling with their owners.

Border Collies are also known for playing games with both human and canine companions, which is a way that they show their affection to those around them. So what are other ways Border Collies show affection?

10 Ways Border Collies Show Affection

Border Collies are known for their herding and obedience skills, but they are also one of the most affectionate dog breeds. If you have a Border Collie, you know what I’m talking about. Here are 10 ways your furry friend might show their affection:

1) Your Border Collie will wag their tail when they’re happy and excited. Not unlike most dog breeds, wagging their tail says they love you.

2) Border Collies will nudge with their nose to get attention. Gentle placing their heads under their favorite person’s arm or nudging to play means they want to make contact.

3) Border Collies lick your face or hand, just like they’d do for any other member of their pack!

4) Border Collies may lean or sit on their favorite humans. This behavior shows how much they trust and love you.

5) Border Collies love to make eye contact. When they look at their humans in the eyes, this is a form of bonding.

6) Border Collies jump on their people when they’re happy and want to express affection.

7) If your Border Collie is lying next to you, he or she will paw at your hand for attention and more petting.

8) If your Border Collie follows you around, they are showing they love you and want to be near you.

9) Your Border Collie might bark or sigh when near you. Especially when you are scratching behind their ears or rubbing their belly.

10) Border Collies love playing games like fetch with the people they love!

Do Border Collies Bond with One Person? 

Border Collies are known for their strong bond with their owner and typically only have one person that they will have a stronger bond with but they do show affection to others too.

Border Collies were first bred to work alongside shepherds to herd livestock. When they did this, they would follow the shepherd’s orders and be obedient to them. Even if there were other people around, the shepherd was “the boss” and the Border Collie would show more affection towards their shepherd than anyone else.

Final Thoughts

Border Collies love their owners and show affection in many different ways. We reviewed just 10 ways Border Collies show affection, but there are many more to explore.

Border Collies have a lot of energy and love to show that to their owners by playing fetch or tug-of-war. They also enjoy running around the yard, exploring new things, and cuddling up next to you while watching TV together. Border collies are smart and active dogs that know how to get your attention and show how much they love you!

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