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What Are The Best Herding Balls For Dogs?

All dogs love to play. They like being outside, exploring their surroundings, and running around. Herding dogs, in particular, are bred to move livestock from one location to another. They have an impressive amount of energy that allows them to run around for hours at a time.

If you own a herding dog and don’t live on a farm, your dog may have episodes where it feels jaded due to the limited entertainment and lack of stimulation. If this is the case, the herding ball may be the ultimate solution for an otherwise bored canine.

What Is A Herding Ball?

A herding ball is an interactive activity toy for dogs. Yes, herding dogs enjoy this toy the most, but even non-herding breeds can learn and have some fun with this simple toy.

Your dog can play with this toy without any input from you. It is a ball that is relatively larger than your dog. It is heavy, so your dog will not be able to carry it or pick it up. When playing with a herding ball, the simple rule is for your dog to push it and chase it around.

Unlike other balls, herding balls don’t bounce, and you can’t kick them either. Your dog needs to move it around with its nose or front paws and run after it.

Yes, this repetitive movement of nudge and run is something that your dog enjoys! And a herding ball is a must-have in your dog’s toy box. You don’t want your dog to get bored and stressed when you are not home.

And a herding boy comes with many advantages because it allows your dog to explore their natural herding instincts of chasing an object and moving it around with zero to minimal effect on you and other pets.

Additionally, a herding ball is a perfect channel for your dog to exercise its innate instincts and serve as entertainment. It can help your dog release all the pent-up energy due to being sedentary or cooped all day. It helps prevent nipping and can be a healthy way to provide your dog with mental stimulation.

What Is The Difference Between A Herding Ball And A Treibball?

There is no difference between a herding ball and the ball used in Treibball, a canine sport.

Other names for herding balls are Treibball, dog bowling balls, giant dog balls, and boomer balls.

Herding balls used in Treibball should follow the sizing guidelines of the American Treibball Association. If you intend to use it for playtime in your home, you can pick the most convenient size for your dog.

What Are The Best Herding Balls For Dogs?

1. Jolly Pets Push-n-Play

Made in the US, this Push-n-Play herding dog is the best among all the herding balls available on the market today.

This herding ball is made of heavy plastic that can withstand the relentless pushing and nosing outside. And because of its plastic material, all dogs won’t be able to pick it up with their mouths. It might take some time, especially for non-herding breeds, to figure out that they’d need to push it around to enjoy the ball.

And here’s the delightful bit. Once your dog finally understands the concept of playing with the herding ball, the fun will be nonstop. You’ll be twice as delighted to know that because of its durable hard plastic material, it can endure the rough play of even a Mastiff for a long time.

One exciting feature of Jolly Pets Push-n-Play is its hollow core. This allows you to fill the herding ball with sand or water for an extra challenge, especially if you own a bigger breed.

Designed for outdoor use, do not attempt to bring this herding ball indoors because it will bring chaos and mess to your house. Additionally, this ball floats in the water despite being heavy, so you will need to fish it out for your dog if you have a backyard pool.

2. Horsemen’s Pride Mega Ball Horse Toy

As the name suggests, the Horsemen’s Pride Mega Ball Horse Toy was initially intended for horses. Yes, horses do enjoy rough play, so you can expect this ball—which can also serve as a herding ball—to be massive. This is an extra-large inflatable exercise ball that is made of thicker material.

This Mega Ball comes in three sizes—25, 30, and 40 inches, so there’s one for every breed size. But it is best that you steer away from this particular herding ball if you have a smaller breed. Sure, your little one can push it around, but your teacup canine may not be quick enough to dodge the ball if it hits a wall and bounces back.

Herding dog breeds with limitless energy will surely be panting and lying on the ground after hours of fun. The size of the herding balls is perfect for them. This one’s also a great choice for gentle herders.

3. Rocco & Roxie Tough Dog Balls

If you want to start your pup early with a herding ball, the Rocco & Roxie Dog Toy Ball is your best option. Since its target audience is puppies, pet owners can feel at ease knowing that there are zero toxins in this herding ball.

It can withstand rough play and exposure to the ground, so you don’t have to worry about it fading and rupturing even if your dog is obsessed with biting.

The only weak point of this otherwise-perfect ball is the presence of a small hole on its top. Super-intelligent dogs may target this hole, and when their sharp teeth get into it, you’d have to say goodbye to your herding ball.

4. Doggie Dooley’s Indestructible Ball

This doggie herding ball from Heuter Toledo comes in four sizes, and it offers your dog hours of playtime.

You can fill this herding ball with either water or sand to keep it in motion, leading to continuous play. This is a good investment because it is virtually indestructible, thanks to its hard plastic material.

Made in the US, this herding ball is perfect for outdoor play, and you can expect it to weather the roughest herding dog breeds.

It is available in blue, orange, and red colors.

5. The Boomer Ball

This boomer herding ball is apparently indestructible and the most brutal toy you need at home if you own a ball-obsessed and toy–destroying dog.

Suitable for dogs with relentless energy, you can count on this herding ball made from polyethylene to survive all of your dog’s nips, nudges, and rolls. You don’t have to tell your dog to play gently because they can’t puncture these balls or rip them to shreds.

And since it comes in various sizes, you can find one most suitable for your dog, even if your pooch is not a herding breed.

How To Teach Your Dog To Herd A Ball?

Your dog will figure out how to herd a ball with minimal to zero instructions or intervention from you by instinct and curiosity.

But if your dog needs a little encouragement, you can teach your dog how to herd a ball by example. You can start lightly nudging or kicking the ball and following it wherever it goes. Keep on moving the dog around with your feet and slowly set it in the direction of your observing dog.

You can also leave the herding ball in your backyard. Your dog will eventually understand how to play once it discovers the “concept” of this toy. Once it does, your dog will be at it for hours.

Final Thoughts

A herding ball is a fun and healthy addition to your dog’s toy box. It can keep your Herding Dog entertained while giving them that physical activity to keep them stimulated and fit.