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Does the smooth-coated Collie shed?

After I wrote an article on Rough Collie’s shedding, I discovered that their relatives, the smooth-coated Collies, have similar shedding tendencies. Collies are known for having long, luxurious coats that require a lot of maintenance.

It can be challenging to keep up with a Smooth Collie’s shedding, but with a few proactive steps, you can significantly reduce the amount of loose fur and help your dog’s coat shine.

Let’s take a look at the top tips to help manage a smooth Collie’s luxurious coat.

Rough Collie vs. Smooth Collie Shedding

Rough and Smooth Collies can shed heavily in part because of their double coats. Smooth-coated Collies have shorter hair than a rough Collie, but that doesn’t mean they shed less. Smooth Collies shed continually throughout the year while Rough Collies shed more in Autumn and Spring.

In general, Smooth Collies require less grooming than Rough Collies due to the shorter coat. There are also Smooth Collies without an undercoat, which would mean less shedding.

Grooming is the single most important thing you can do to maintain a healthy, clean, and shiny coat on your Collie. The secret to keeping your Collie’s coat clean and free of tangles is to groom your Collie regularly. Regular brushing and combing will remove any loose hair from your Collie’s coat, and help to prevent knots and tangles.

It’s also important to keep a close watch on your Collie’s diet. Feeding your Collie high-quality dog food will help to keep your Collie’s coat clean and shiny.

The Best Ways to Manage Smooth Collies Shedding

1. Brushing

During shedding season, fall and spring, it’s recommended to brush Collie’s coats often. Plan on brushing at least once a week, as it will help get rid of their winter coat and will reduce the chances of it collecting around your house. It may sound like a significant commitment to brushing each week, but doing so will help save time later cleaning up loose fur. Of course, you can never fully stop a Collie from shedding but adding two or three brushing sessions will have an even greater impact on controlling it.

Now, which brush is best for Collies? There are a variety of dog brushes at your local pet store or online. The important thing to remember is that the bristles should be gentle enough to not irritate the skin, but firm enough to remove loose hair and dirt. Here are some of the top-rated brushes for grooming Smooth Collies.

Top Grooming Tools for Smooth Collies

Grooming ToolFunction
Hertzko Slicker BrushRemoves tangles, loose fur, dander, and trapped dirt.
Pets V RakeDemats and gently removes excess loose fur.
Professional Pin BrushSmooth pin tips gently remove loose fur from top and undercoats.
Wide-tooth CombRemoves mats, knots, and tangles gently.
De-Matting Grooming RakeDemats and thins thick coats.
FURminator Grooming ToolGently reaches through topcoat to remove loose undercoat.

No matter which grooming tool you’re using, it’s best to start brushing from the top of the head down towards the tail. Pay attention to any tangles as you go to avoid pulling. If you encounter any mats, use a comb or the V Rake to loosen them and continue to brush until the hair is free.

2. Bathing

Bathing is another important step in maintaining a smooth Collie’s coat and keeping it looking great throughout its life. Collies should be bathed once every two months or so unless they get into something particularly dirty. Bathing too often can actually remove beneficial oil from their coat, drying it out and causing matting problems.

To get them really clean it helps to use a large bathtub or better yet, an outdoor kiddie pool. Shampoo and conditioner can be purchased at your local pet store, from your Veterinarian or some people prefer to use human shampoo.

There are also highly rated anti-shedding shampoos, like the FURminator brand, that contain milder ingredients than most dog shampoo brands. These de-shedding shampoos usually contain omega fats, vitamins, and other beneficial nutrients to strengthen the fur and condition the skin.

To shampoo, lather your dog up with your preferred shampoo starting at the head and then working your way down the body and legs. You should allow the shampoo to soak in while massaging thoroughly.

It’s recommended to use a good quality conditioner after the bath. Always make sure that you rinse the shampoo and conditioner out of the dog’s coat completely, otherwise, leftover soapy residue can attract dirt and possibly cause skin irritations.

3. Trimming

If you have a Smooth Collie, you will probably want to invest in a good pair of grooming shears, like this 4 in 1 set from Gladog, which also comes with a comb. Grooming shears are also useful for trimming long hair on the paws around your dog’s nails, as well as around the haunches and tail.

What to avoid when grooming a Smooth Collie

Some things to avoid when grooming a Smooth Collie include:

  1. Over bathing – too many baths can dry out the skin, coat, and possibly irritate the skin.
  2. Shaving – completely removing Collie’s fur can expose the skin to the elements, disrupt the dog’s natural body temperature regulation, and cause the fur to grow back patchy.
  3. Avoid getting shampoo in your pet’s eyes, nose, and mouth. If this happens, rinse with fresh water. If you notice your dog has irritation from the bathing products, you should contact your veterinarian.


The key to managing shedding is to proactively groom before the loose fur is out of control. With a bit of grooming persistence, you’ll be well on your way to making sure your Collie’s shedding season goes as SMOOTHly as possible.

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